Distinctive Ring offers the possibility to use different ringtones for Internal, external or group calls.

Distinctive ringing is implemented in:

  • DE700/900 Release 02.00.05 or higher
  • DE310/410 Release 02.00.02 or higher
  • N510 Software 236 or higher (Support for Alert-info Internal ringtone, all others are played as external ringtones.)
  • N720 Software 99 or higher (Support for Alert-info Internal ringtone, all others are played as external ringtones.)
  • Maxwell 10
  • Maxwell 3 and Basic

The Platform / provider has to send the correct information using the Alert-Info: Header.

Distinctive Ringing protocol

PBX sends URI of a ring melody in SIP ‘Alert-Info’ header field in the following format:

Alert-Info: <URI>[;<RINGER_INFO>[;<POSTFIX>]]

[] – includes optional parameters


URI of the ringer melody. If a special (configurable) URI is used, e.g.: <>, or <>

then it means for the phone that Alert-Info contains local ring melody tag, otherwise URI points at a ringer melody (in .wav format) in the network, which shall be downloaded and played by the phone.


Tag of internal ringer melody in the form <info=TAG>. TAG is configured via phone’s Web UI.



Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-group

Internal call:

Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-internal

In the N510 and N720, there is a new provisioning parameter that provides a limited functionality to change the Alert-Header:


External call:

Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-external

N510 / N720 how to select the Internal / External ringtone.

Ringtones can only be changed in the DECT handset, there is no web-interface to change the ringtones.

On the handset go to: Menu - Settings - Audio Settings - Ringtones (Handset) - Melodies

  • Internal Calls: (The ringtone when the Internal Alert Header is received and recognized)
  • Tones for the different SIP accounts. (Ringtone used when it is not an Internal Ringtone)

Example header send to N510 behind Gigaset T440/T640

Alert-Info: <>;info=alert-internal

There are 2 possibilities to enable distinctive ring on the Gigaset T300/T500.

In the Gigaset T300/T500 you can enable distinctive ringing by changing the Manual configuration of the line settings, like the example below.

Here we added the line:

exten => _.,3,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: <>\;info=alert-external)

This causes that for every incoming external call, the Alert-Info header is added and the device now can react on this using a special ringtone.

How to work with groups you can see below.

We changed the incoming dialplan so that when a call for the group with number: 31859020520 is coming in, the Alert-Info field is changed to alert-group.

exten => 31859020520,1,Set(channelname=X2COM-incoming)
exten => 31859020520,2,Set(lineconfigid=1946)
exten => 31859020520,3,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: <>\;info=alert-group)
exten => 31859020520,4,Goto(X2COM-incoming-manuell,${EXTEN},1)

exten => _.,1,Set(channelname=X2COM-incoming)
exten => _.,2,Set(lineconfigid=1946)
exten => _.,3,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: <>\;info=alert-external)
exten => _.,4,Goto(X2COM-incoming-manuell,${EXTEN},1)

exten => _X.,1,Goto(incoming,${EXTEN},1)
exten => _+X.,1,Goto(incoming,${EXTEN},1)

The Hybrid 120 GE already sends the correct Alert header, no programming is needed.

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