The Fusion is also an DECT CAT-iq 2.0 base station, you can:

  • Register up to 8 DECT handsets
  • Up to 4 simultaneous DECT calls 
  • Connect up to 2 DECT repeaters to increase the DECT range

Open the web-interface and go to: Settings - Phones, Devices & Groups

This page shows the Registered DECT handsets and you can Add new DECT handsets

Click on +Add to Add a new DECT handset

Select DECT handset and press Next

The DECT pre-Registration windows is opened.

Click Next to start the DECT Registration

On your handset, start the DECT registration and enter the Registration PIN what is displayed in the web-interface when the handset is asking for the PIN

Fusion MMI

On the Fusion device go to: Menu - Settings - Telephony - Devices or Menu - Wizards - Devices & Groups

You will see all:

  • SIP devices
  • DECT handsets
  • Own device

Click on "+ Add new" to add a new Dect handset

The DECT registration window is opened and you can register your DECT handset.

After successful registration you need to add a name and assign an internal number.

Select on which external accounts/numbers your handset should ring.

Select which external accounts/numbers your handset uses for outgoing calls.

Select the message waiting box you want to use

Your DECT handset is now ready to be used

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