Fusion can access your Microsoft 365 contacts and store them locally:

  • Up to 1000 contacts are stored
  • Every 15 minutes contacts are synchronised
  • Can be downloaded to your PC
  • Copy to Local or Central contacts is possible

How to configure your Fusion.

  1. Open the Fusion web-interface
  2. Go to: Settings - Contacts - Microsoft 365 contacts
  3. Click on Generate activation code

  4. Copy your activation code

  5. Open the web-site 
  6. Paste the activation code and click on Next

  7. Select your Microsoft account

  8. Acknowledge by clicking Continue

  9. After successful connection, you will see the following message.

  10. In the Fusion web-interface you will see the google account is linked
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  1. Baremans, Eric : Need to be reworked. The app has a different name and maybe the Azure-supportwould also be interesting to mention here.