Status when handset is in the charging cradle

Ring-LED is rotating Green

Handset is charging

Ring-LED is fully GreenHandset 100% charged

No indication

No or wrong batteries used

or handset not placed correctly

Status when handset is in IDLE and outside the charging cradle

Right top Ring-LED is orangeHandset 25% charged

Handset 50% charged

Handset 75% charged

Ring-LED is fully GreenHandset 100% charged
During usage



Ring-LED is RED after long-press End call key, On/Off keyHandset is power-off
Ring-LED is blinking BLUEIncoming call
Ring-LED is light BlueActive handset call is handsfree-call
Ring-LED is dark BlueHands-free call is a handset call
Ring-LED is white after power-onHandset is in Registration mode
Ring-LED is blinking whiteNo DECT connection with USB-DECT-Dongle
Ring-LED is blinking orange in Standby-modeMissed call
Ring-LED is blinking fast REDNo connection to Laptop/PC

When muted, LED is blinking orangeCall is muted
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