BroadWorks Call Center is an integrated, full-featured, hosted solution for managing customer contacts with all the advanced voice and multimedia applications of BroadWorks.

BroadWorks Call Center allows agents to perform call control functions directly from their desktops for IP phones, analog phones, or BroadWorks Communicator softphones. Using BroadWorks Call Center, large and small enterprises can set up call centers anywhere in the world with PCs and a broadband connection-without additional hardware, PC-resident software, or traditional phone lines. Agents can even work remotely with access to all call features, distributing call center functionality to meet the demands of global enterprises.

You can use the Maxwell device to Login the Broadsoft Call Center.

Maxwell 2 & 3Maxwell Basic


You can enable the ACD Functionality, when enabled you will get automatically on the Maxwell device an Login key.

The right Soft key is the Login key.

When you press the Login key, the user will be logged in the Call Center where he is member of. This is configured in Broadsoft.

You can see the status of the Agent.

  • Available
  • Unavailable
  • Wrap-up (System definition)

Via the right soft key Logout, you can logout the ACD group.

Auto provisioning

This functionality is mostly enabled via Broadsoft auto provisioning, see below for the provisioning parameters.

Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.ACD.Enabled0 = ACD Disabled
1 = ACD Enabled
Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.ACD.Status0 = Agent un-available after login
1= Agent available after login


<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.ACD.Enabled" value="1"/>

<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.ACD.Status" value="1"/>

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