Flexibility is expected from employees within an organisation. People must be able to use every physical workplace and have access to their online environment, the phone is part of this.

Users that have a Broadsoft Flexseating login, can register themselves behind every device that is configured as a Flexseating host device.

When they leave the workplace, they can log-off or the Broadsoft system can do this automatically after time in case people forget to log-off.

When nobody is registered on a Flexseating host device, they can only use this phone to dial an Alarm number or the Broadsoft voice portal. (Is configurable within Broadsoft)

Here we assume that the Flexseating is configured by the administrator.

  • Enable / Disable Flex seating takes about 20/30- seconds for an user. This is the time that is needed to configure the device new via provisioning.
  • We do not need to reboot the phone.
  • All user settings are taken, including Busy Lamp field.
  • The Flex user that is also ACD agent, will be automatic logged off as Flex user and ACD agent when pressing the logout key.


The first Flexseating implementation is visible in the 2.20 release, we have seen in some cases that the platform denies the login and we do not try again. In the 2.21 release we will implement a login retry procedure.


In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Telephony - Phone System - Flexible Seating

When enabled, the Left Soft Key will be the "Guest login" key.

When pressing the Guest login key, the Maxwell will ask you for a Username and Password. Mostly the username is the Broadsoft extension number and the Password what is entered in the Broadsoft Voiceportal. Your administrator would be able to provide the login details.

Auto provisioning

This functionality is mostly enabled via Broadsoft auto provisioning, see below for the provisioning parameters.

Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.FlexibleSeating.Enabled0 = Disabled 
1 = Enabled


<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.FlexibleSeating.Enabled" value="0"/>

Maxwell 2 & 3

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