The Maxwell saves different types of calls in lists, The following call lists are available:

  1. All Calls: All outgoing, accepted and missed calls.
  2. Accepted Calls: Calls that were accepted.
  3. Missed Calls: Call that were not accepted.
  4. Outgoing Calls: Last selected numbers (redial list)

If the call list is full, a new entry overwrites the oldest.

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Maxwell 2 & 3


From Software 2.19 or higher, we have added the Call Lists to the web-interface of the Maxwell.

Open the Web-interface and go to: Settings - Desk Phone - Call History

Here you can find the different Call Lists:

  • All
  • Accepted
  • Missed
  • Outgoing

In the Call lists you can find information about:

  • Called / Received phone number
  • Caller ID (Name if available)
  • Start time of the call
  • End time of the call
  • Duration of the call
  • Direction of the call. (Incoming or outgoing)
  • Via which SIP account the call is made.

You can delete single entries or the whole list.


The Phone system setting should be on "Standard" to show the own call lists in the Maxwell. With other Phone system settings, the call lists are synchronized with the platform and could provide wrong information in the web-interface.

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