The SIP Diversion Header can be inserted in the SIP INVITE when you receive an redirected incoming call from another user. 

Example: A calls B and is redirected to C. User C will see on the display the information that A tried to call B.

From software 2.16.6, we added the option to disable/enable the device to show this Diversion information.

Maxwell display information

Below an example for an incoming redirected call.

Normal behavior: Show Display Diversion information is set to Yes

Show Display Diversion information is set to No

Web interface

In the web-interface go to: Telephony - VoIP - Display Diversion Info

Auto provisioning

0 = Do not show the Diversion Info
1 (Default) = Show the Diversion Info


<param name="SIP.DisplayDiversionInfo.enable" value="1"/>

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