To make it easier to create a phone-book file, we have created an example excel file with Macro's you can use the create the phonebook.xml file.

Download the excel file here:  CentralPhonebook_V3.3.xlsm

if your excel complains about the Macro's, you need to put this file into a trusted location. This is a folder on your PC.

In excel go to Options - Trust Center - Trusted Locations - Add new location and select the folder where you store the excel file. Now you are allowed to run the Macro's.


  • CTRL + r  Replace [&] with [&] as XML can't handle [&], In the list on the handset [&] will be shown
  • CTRL + w the phonebook.xml file is created and stored in the same folder as the excel file is stored.
  • CTRL + n Clears the screen and you can start to create a new phone-book.
  • CTRL + I You can load an CSV file.


XML cannot handle the character "&" and should therefore be replaced by "&" to be able to upload the XML file in the N670 or N870.
Use CTRL + r  Replace [&] with [&]

Manual configuration

You can add manually or copy and past your numbers in the excel sheet.

The Macro (CTRL + w) generates the phonebook.xml file using the columns how they are defined in the excel sheet. If you change this, the numbers in the phone-book will not match the naming anymore.

Office CSV file example

Here is an example how to export your Microsoft office contacts into an CSV file.

In Microsoft office go to: File - Open & Export - Import/Export - Export to a file

Comma Separated Values

Select your contacts folder

Select your destination folder

Map Customer Fields

Adjust on the right side the To: field to have the following fields and using the same sequence.

  • Last name
  • First Name
  • Business Phone 
  • Business Phone 2
  • Mobile Phone
  • Car Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Home Phone 2

Press Finish to generate the CSV file

Open de Gigaset excel file and via CTRL+l select the above CSV file, all contacts are visible in the excel file.

The Macro will remove special characters and changes the numbers to numbers the Gigaset phone understands. 

The Macro (CTRL + w) generates the phonebook.xml file and stored in the same folder as the excel file is stored.

Upload phonebook file

In the N870/N670 go to: SETTINGS - Online directories - Central phonebook - Load phonebook from PC and select your phonebook.xml file.

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