Before starting registration, position the Repeater directly adjacent to the base station and to a power connection. If you are already using Gigaset Repeaters, these must be switched on and positioned close to the base station for this registration procedure.,

Automatic registration
  • Switch on the Repeater: Connect the power unit to a plug socket, Following this, the device will enter registration mode for 5 minutes.
  • N510: Press the registration button on the N510 > 4 seconds, the base goes into registration mode,
  • Repeater is registered. The LEDs will indicate whether registration was successful or unsuccessful, see: FAQ Repeater - LED

It may be necessary to de-register the repeater, for example if it has to be replaced. This can be done via:

Handset System menu:

DECT handset menu, handset is connected to N510.

Go to: Menu - Settings - System - Repeater - Select the Repeater - De-reg

Reset Repeater


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