The PBX provides the following phonebooks:

  • Internal: Contains all extensions that are registered on the PBX and their users.
  • Global: Contains a company phonebook provided via the PBX.
  • Private: Contains contacts that you can enter and maintain yourself.



This was a limitation of the N720 where for the Global phonebook always the city field was needed to search a contact.

Current solution:

  1. Upgrade the N720 with software 95 or higher where the city field is made optional. You can add this software to the PBX using the following procedure.
  2. Add the provisioning parameters to enable the Global phonebook.

Add the provisioning parameters:

In the web-interface of the PBX go to: Administration - Provisioning - Provisioning parameters and create a new Profile with Phone Type Gigaset N720 DM/IP PRO

Add the following parameters:

BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].aucPassword[0]  empty because we do not use an authentification
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[1].aucPrivatePagesDirName[0] PrivateEnter name for Private Directory
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[1].aucWhitePagesDirName[0] InternalEnter name for Internal Directory
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].aucProviderName[0] GlobalEnter name for Director provider selection
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].aucServerURL[0] IP address to match your system
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].aucUsername[0]  empty because we do not use an authentification
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].aucYellowPagesDirName[0] GlobalEnter name for the Global Directory
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].bitfldCap.bPrivateDirectoryCap 0x0 
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].bitfldCap.bSndMacAddress 0x1 
BS_XML_Netdirs.astNetdirProvider[0].ucAuthPossibilities 0x4 
BS_XML_Netdirs.aucActivatedNetdirs[%] 0x14,0x15,0x29Internal , Private , Global
BS_XML_Netdirs.aucAvailableNetdirs[%] 0x14,0x15,0x29Internal , Private , Global


Create provisioning group and add this provisioning profile to this group.

Go to: Users & extensions - Users and open a N720 user.

In the field Provisioning group, select the new created N720 provisioning group.

Now, the N720 is provisioned and the Global phonebook is active.


Upcoming solution.

In the upcoming software 1.0.6 or higher, the new N720 software and new/changed provisioning parameters will be default added to the image.



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