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Online update:

The firmware is available online. Newer firmware versions can be uploaded manually, using the URL provided in the release notes.

  • Software update can only be done via the HTTP protocol. HTTPS is not supported. (N670 supports the HTTPS protocol also)

You can easily initiate the update via these 3 steps: -

Prerequisite: The phone is connected to the Internet.

Via the Handset:
  1. Menu  »  Settings  »  System  »  Update Firmware
  2. Enter base station system PIN (default setting: 0000)
  3. Press the display key "Yes" to start the download

If your firmware is already up to date, the handset will inform you. No action is then needed.

Via the webpage:

  1. Settings  » Management  » Firmware update

Manual update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  2. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
  3. Click on the button: Update firmware

Behind the Gigaset T500/T300 using special module to update firmware files.

A special module is made that download the files automatically from our Gigaset server and places the new files on the PBX, click here.

 Software version 259

 Software version 258

 Software version 257

 Software version 250

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