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For information on unpacking and installing the device please refer to the Maxwell 10 Installation Guide and/or the How To install videos

Your device will start automatically as soon as it is connected to the mains power supply. Please be aware that if the device is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) it is supplied with power as soon as it is connected to an Ethernet switch with PoE-functionality.

Setting the language

  • On the Start screen tap on  to open the list of available apps. -> Select Setting
  • Scroll down and select   Language & input ->Tap on Language -> Select your desired language.

Registering the handset (DECT)

If you use a DECT handset you need to register it on the phone. 
Install the handset as described in the Installation Guide and place it in the cradle in order to charge the battery.
On the Start screen tap on  to open the list of available apps. ->  Select  Settings.

Select   DECT -> Tap on Register DECT Handset

The registration process may take some time. If the registration is successful a message is output.

Establishing a connection to the local network

Your phone must be connected to the local network before it can connect to a phone system or the Internet and before you can operate it from a PC. You can connect the phone to the local network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Connecting via Ethernet

  • Make sure that the phone's LAN port  is connected to an Ethernet switch/router by an Ethernet cable. 
  • On the Start screen tap on  to open the list of available apps. -> Select  Settings.
  • Select   Ethernet -> Drag switch by Ethernet to the right to switch on Ethernet function.

The network connection is established if the phone has automatically been assigned an IP address from a DHCP server in the network. 
If your device is assigned a static IP address, your net work administrator must tell you the IP address of your device. You then assign this address to your phone manually.

Ethernet configuration

  • Tap on Ethernet configuration

If the network connection is established, the configu ration information, e.g. the IP address, is displayed. 
If the network connection has not been established automatically, you can enter the configuration data manually.

Proxy configuration

When a connection to internal or external network resources is made via a proxy server, you must enter the proxy server data. Proxy settings are used by the browser but may not be used by other apps.
Tap on Proxy Configuration.  

  • Enter the data of your proxy server.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

  • On the Start screen tap on  to open the list of available apps. -> Select  Settings.
  • Select   Wi-Fi -> Drag switch by Wi-Fi to the right to switch on Wi-Fi function.
  • Please be sure to switch off Ethernet to be able to get a WiFi connection!

The phone attempts to connect with a Wi-Fi in range. Once a connection has been established, you will see the Wi-Fi icon in the toolbar. It displays the signal strength.
A list of Wi-Fis in range of your phone is displayed. An icon indicates the signal strength. Secure networks are identified with a lock icon.

  • If necessary, tap on   context menu -> Scan to update the list. 
  • Tap on the desired Wi-Fi. -> Enter password/net work key.
  • Tap on Connect

Adding another Wi-Fi


Wi-Fis that are not in range or that withhold the SSID and are therefore not displayed in the list can be entered manually. You will require the network name (SSID), the security protocol used and the network key. Once the tablet is in range of one of these Wi-Fis, the connection is established.

  • Select Wi-Fi -> Tap on  -> Enter Network SSID
  • Select security protocol (NoneWEPWPA/WPA2 PSK802.1x EAP).
  • Enter password/network key.  ->Save.

Configuring Internet telephony 

Before you can use the device to phone anyone you need the services of a VoIP provider.

  • You have a phone system in your network that provides VoIP accounts for your device, or 
  • You have registered with a VoIP provider (e.g., via your PC) and set up a VoIP account.

The device searches the network for a provisioning file and checks whether VoIP accounts already exist. If the telephone has existing VoIP accounts, these accounts are configured automatically. You can now make calls with your phone via the Internet.
If the telephone has no existing VoIP accounts, you must configure them manually. The Web config urator will help you with this.


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