Business Sunrise

Outgoing CallsYes
Incoming CallsYes
CLIP incomingYes
CLIP outgoingYes
Call ForwardingYes
Call TransferYes
Call WaitingYes
Anonymous CallYes
A-number forwardingnot tested


Hybird 120 Gigaset Edition settings.

In the Hybird 120 Gigaset Edition go to "Assistants" - "PBX" and click on "New": --> add a new SIP Provider


Provider settings:

Give the Line an unique name. The SIP Trunk registration for Business Sunrise does not need any username and password. As Username use the IP of the Hybird120 GE.

Just add the telephone numbers for this SIP trunk in the "Advanced Settings"

VoIP settings:

Here you can define how the outgoing lines have to look like (e.g. Clip no Screening)

VoIP Menu Advanced settings:

Please choose here the below settings. If using Fax, please deactivate the T.38 Support. Sunrise is not supporting it

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