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MCS VoIP GSM gateway

Tested with:
Gigaset T300/T500 PRO: Software version
MCS VoIP GSM Gateway AS551/2V: Software version 3.04100215

MCS Software version 3.10 is not working, use 3.11 instead.

In this example we started with a default MCS Gateway where we added a SIM card and the PIN code needed to activate the SIM card.


Settings in the MCS VoIP GSM Gateway

Goto: Configuration - LAN settings - LAN interface mode

The Device should have a fixed IP address.
Settings are dependent of the customers network.


Goto: Configuration - SIP access - General

Change the SIP operation mode to SIP peer


Goto: Configuration - SIP access - Names and passwords

Change the Peer IP address to IP address of the Gigaset T300/T500


Goto: Configuration - SIP access - DTMF processing

Enable the option: Convert telephone-event from LAN (RFC2833/4733) to DTMF tones to GSM

This will enable you to use DTMF tones when you called a Interactive Voice Response system.


Goto: Configuration - SIP access - Codecs

Check if G711 A-law/PCMA is selected as the first protocol.


Goto: Configuration - Wired Access - Country specific settings


Check if the country settings are correct.


Goto: Configuration - GSM settings - GSM channels


Change the settings Fix subscriber number, this number is dialled when a GSM call is coming in. In the Gigaset T300/T500, this is the external number that is configured for the MCS Gateway and given to a user or a group.

Settings in the Gigaset T300/T500


Goto: Configuration - Lines and Add a new line.

Authentication: No
Provider: Create a new provider.


Use the above settings.

host: IP address of the MCS VoIP GSM gateway




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