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New Features


  • Phone Application crashes when receiving multiple audio call
  • No video for contacts added to directory
  • Camera stays activated after ending a call in map view
  • Audio completely LOST when Audio Calls_DVF version 0.000
  • [Asterisk] No video after call swap
  • No audio in both directions after accepting call by DECT HS
  • Sound volume change after call swap
  • Camera stays activated after call ending & call swapped
  • API to stop CMBS Server gracefully
  • Not able to set "Alternate DNS server" in webUI
  • Sound volume level displayed incorrectly when using the handset.
  • Unify - In a transfer call test, the transfer fails and the calls drop
  • Not able to see Status of the tablet
  • Automatic firmware update is not performed completely: "Could not find the firmware.xml file"
  • Speechpath in corded HS works after 3 seconds delay
  • [Corded HS] Noises hear on other side when incoming call accepted by corded HS for narrowband codecs
  • Maxwelllogger crashes with Invalid Syslog server path
  • After 5-50 min video freezes on Maxwell when external camera connected
  • Removing entry from DND list by 'Backspace' causes that phone is stopped.
  • Loss of connection between DECT HS and DUT
  • Anonymous call not working on Asterisk11 and Celsius
  • Ethernet problem after 3 days of video call/staying in idle
  • Error codes should be displayed in decimal format
  • Video call Disconnects when Two SIP accounts Registered
  • Call waiting tone - continuous beep instead of correct tone
  • DECT Off Hook & On Hook was not working for a while (~ 10sec)
  • Calls crashing after midnight
  • Maxwell does not show France language for the Gigaset Apps
  • Not possible to get IP address on second device, while PC wifi client is running on first device
  • DECT handset shrill upon making an outgoing call
  • No audio for .. seconds when call from hold done by external party
  • Unify: Three-Way Call After Answer voice path problems
  • [Touch-Pad] Touch Pad not working after reset to default
  • [Phone widget] Numbers are not displayed
  • Video Preview not seen during Video call
  • Calls crashing after midnight
  • Can`t check Voicemail, MWI doesn't notify about messages
  • Call list is missing when using Broadsoft server
  • Maxwell exchanges the CODECs G711 a-law and μ-law.
  • Maxwell 10 - outgoing calls are not working with OVH
  • [Call divert] Impossible to change redirection number via Redirection app
  • Unify call transfer not possible
  • Outgoing calls via function keys does not work via headset
  • Short Audio lost observed on Maxwell Device(~30sec)
  • External calls not possible with Unify OS Business/Office
  • Wrong ringtone is played behind Unify OS Business PBX
  • When device is in a call and receives call waiting which cancels all calls are cancelled
  • Maxwell continues conf. call after system crash
  • broadsoft XSI phonebook not working when android is on dutch
  • [Easycall provider] There is no incoming call signalled (no ringing and visual indication) on Maxwell
  • BLF in combination with Hybird, the BLF stop working after 5 minutes
  • [Dialing plan] Dial plan is not working because pop-up with account selection always appears
  • It is not possible to enter rtsp:// stream address in door interphone URL
  • Not able to deregister DECt HS after power being lost
  • Teles platform. External dials to maxwell invite is received but device does not ring.
  • Unfiy: No incomming call without video codec
  • Unify: Direct three-way-conference with voice path problems
  • Unify: Three-Way Call After Answer voice path problems
  • Unify: Attended Transfer After Answer / only outgoing voice and DUT sends "BYE"
  • Message 'Phone was stopped, Ok?' appears
  • Phone Application Crashes during Multiple calls
  • Unify: no Options for Anonymous Call
  • No Audio in DECT Handset during Narrow Band call for incoming call received via DECT HS Off Hook
  • When part of a group and call is picked up by another user if after that another call comes in the call cannot be answered
  • Maxwell 10 stops sending registration requests.
  • some times stripes and flickering noise on LVDS display
  • MoH is not played behind Unify OS Business
  • Phone app crash observed while terminating the call from dialer side(During dialing phase)
  • Problems with outgoing calls after trying to call to yourself
  • Codec behavior not consistent causes some issues
  • Device receives Notify but there is no voicemail indication
  • Maxwell is unusable, Screen shows message "unfortunately_launcher_has_stopped"
  • Shrill noise observed on maxwell device
  • Implementing UNIFY code checks in call list and programmable key
  • Unify OS BIZ - hold call crashes call
  • Call transfer BLF from left to active user device dials call pickup code before number
  • DTMF settings after restore are not correct.
  • When Tone scheme set to Netherlands call waiting tone is wrong
  • Shrill from DUT's speakers after DECT HS loss of connection
  • Door Intercom - DTMF should not be a must value
  • In "This tablet belongs to..." you can write nothing and go further
  • Lack of speech path when we reconnect the call which was on hold.
  • http proxy cannot be configured
  • crash after factory data reset
  • Maxwell auto-downgrades version higher to lower
  • In the Info Widget the wrong "name" is shown - PBX Gigaset/Starface
  • Maxwell stops calling before the setup session is complete, reason is video codecs
  • Wrong ringback tone for UK
  • Call initiated via PTT switch the audio is routed to USB Headset instead of EHS headset
  • Integrate latest Web UI strings for nl - MaxwellWebUI_language_311014_nl_V_4.xml
  • Remove swipe functionality in Phone App
  • Calls getting dropped on MAXWELL, after being picked up by other end.
  • After factory data reset, timezone on device is different from timezone in webUI
  • Device receives an invite but does not ring
  • Add Unify Phone system in WebUI
  • Proxy settings cannot be stored in prov/config file
  • Problems with registering DECT HS
  • Impossible to delete access code number and entry from dial plan in WebUI
  • Impossible to enter "*" in dial plans
  • There is no audio after call swap or add to conference on Asterisk 1.8
  • WebUI switch freezes often
  • Signal path for tweeter not configured for 16kHz sampling rate
  • Reduce Level of Loudspeaker path
  • Maxwell automatically accepts the SSL certificates - is this a feature?
  • Broadsoft no outgoing calls possible when using Video codecs.
  • Integrate new Web UI strings for english (MaxwellWebUI_language_08102014_en.xml)
  • Implement new Web UI strings for german (MaxwellWebUI_language_de_081014.xml)
  • Implement final Ringtones
  • Call is immediately terminated after accepting call by DECT Handset
  • Unify: distinctive ringing is not working
  • After some direct sequent calls Maxwell stopped signaling calls
  • Maxwell cannot establish a call on Asterisk 11
  • Implement the dutch localization files - Phone App/Settings/PK
  • When a configuration has been restored Call divert utility no longer works
  • DECT - Unknown number/Busy error tone is not played in DECT
  • All sounds suddenly stopped no ringtones no touch input sound
  • Video calls disconnects on calling party after 15 minutes
  • Not possible to receive any calls
  • Some wrong letters in Android UI menu
  • WebUI settings are filled and not clear
  • Google Hangout video calls delay
  • WebUi Switch Handling
  • No correct connection between Maxwell and Dect HS after HS power-off
  • Wifi client is active, but according Android status it seems to be off
  • Audio From EHS headset gets routed to Speaker while open listening mode is active.
  • Option searching by Last name is on the list despite searching by Last Name in not implemented
  • Broadsoft - Three way call conference sip call flow is not as per the test plan of BW interop.
  • Video/Audio call over WiFi Audio/Video delay is observed
  • No audio when accepting Call Waiting Call
  • Unable to resume call on conference call on dect.
  • lack of DECT connection between Hs and main part
  • Webinterface allows space in username
  • MAC-ID from QS-label has to be used for provisioning instead of hard coded MAC-ID
  • [Broadsoft] Redirection App is unable to fetch data from BW .
  • Create new Phone System - Unify OSBiz
  • Unable to deselect the Audio option under send setting for DTMF transmission on web UI
  • Calls via dect headset
  • If case of no proxy server url configured on DHCP client, sip_host value for account is set to empty
  • Application responding 433 irrespective of flag enabled or disabled
  • Music app doesn't stop on incoming and outgoing call
  • Update incoming call list, hold list, in call view when new contact is added
  • separate QoS values for Video RTP frames should be available
  • Switch on USB in PoE mode
  • No speechpath during consultation call

Known Issues

  • sporadic click sound in idle state (solution expected in a few weeks)

Firmware update


In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to:

Settings - System - Firmware update

Data server URL =

Click on Update firmware and the latest Firmware that is online will be downloaded.



First download the Firmware on your PC and unpack the zip file. You will get a .txt file with the Open Source License text and an encrypted zip file which is your firmware image.

In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to:

Settings - System - Firmware update

Click on "Choose File" and select the Firmware file.

Click on "Load" to start the upgrade.


Software versions
Build number80_1_1.2.1






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