Release Notes

Release Date:

Febr 2016



  • Door Intercom improvements
    • Door intercom and Camera with login authentication
    • jpg reload rate improvement
    • Enlarged video size for incoming calls via video door intercom
  • Firmware upgrade via USB Pen Drive
  • Google Play: Apps with portrait mode can now be installed on Maxwell
  • Notification for helper app
  • Broadsoft Improvements
  • Turkish language implementation


  • Mode of the WEB-UI switch in the Android settings can't be changed via WEB-UI

  • Call is initiated automatically after around 5sec when handset is pickup from the cradle and number is typed

  • Bad sound quality in 3rd party audio apps
  • Outgoing call started in handsfree when corded/DECT HS is laying off-hook

  • Not possible to answer call with DECT HS
  • Audio route changing during busy tone
  • Shrill noise observed on Maxwell 10 device
  • Audio is not routed to EHS headset when switching between Corded handset and EHS headset

  • No Audio when Dect Headset and USB headset is connected
  • Maxwell's sip account deregistering after receiving multiple incoming calls
  • Error code instead of a busy tone
  • Dialing with * is not possible
  • System updates shows wrong information
  • no access with google chrome to any URL
  • Phone is not sending any DNS queries to DNS server if IPv6 is used
  • No speech path during call when HDMI is connected
  • DECT continually starts dialing when laying on cradle
  • Automatic & Manual firmware upgrade happening simultaneously
  • Info widget not displaing call diverts
  • Directory Application Crash when sorting done without any contact
  • Widget for "Programmable Keys" causes laggy behaviour and freezes of "Overview"
  • Call automatically terminated after call waiting ended
  • Maxwell not sending user agent after call crash 
  • No speechpath during attended transfer
  • Calls accepted with DECT headset are moved to corded HS
  • DECT Headset not De registering sometimes

  • Robot voice during conference

  • Maxwell Unauthenticated Admin Password Reset

  • Error code instead of a busy tone

  • Audio path is changing to hands free speakting if called party is busy and the audio device headset or handset was used

  • Wrong message in programmable key widget

  • Call termination

Known Issues

Firmware update


In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to: 

Settings - System - Firmware update

Data server URL =

Click on Update firmware and the latest Firmware that is online will be downloaded.


First download the Firmware on your PC and unpack the zip file. You will get a .txt file with the Open Source License text and an encrypted zip file which is your firmware image.

In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to:

Settings - System - Firmware update

Click on "Choose File" and select the Firmware file.

Click on "Load" to start the upgrade.

Software versions
Build number80_1_1.2.20.1

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