Release Notes

Release Date:





  • Broadsoft optimization
  • Contact handling and performance      improvements
  • Door station user interface adaptation
  • Android network connectivity stabilization
  • User specific ringtones implemented
  • Czech language (Android) added
  • Implementation of call completed elsewhere
  • Provider specific adaptations and improvements
  • Safe & restore corrected


Multiple fixes implementes


Due to technical design, wireless LAN and Bluetooth Audio should not be used simultaneously



Software versions
Build number80_1_2.8.96

Firmware update



Due to the fact, that Android-5.1 requires a lot of more memory than older Android versions we recommend to insert an external SD-card, or plug in an USB-stick with minimum 2GB free memory space, at least during the upgrade phase!

There are 3 options to upgrade.

Option 1: Two step Method using an SD-card or USB-memory-stick.


  1. Plug in an SD-card or USB-stick with at least 2GB free memory (or enter an external SD card). Then start the Maxwell-10 WEB-UI (klick on the Web Server Address - shown in the Maxwell 10 under "Settings=>WebUI - log in (Standard Password is "admin") and follow exactly the following 3 steps:
  2. In the web-interface go to: System - Firmware Update page and check if the Data server field is (default)
  3. Press "Save"
  4. Press "Update firmware"

 The update will be done in 2 steps.

  1. Upgrade to new Jelly Bean software with USB drivers upgrade to support the USB memory extension.
  2. Upgrade to Lollipop.

Option 2: One step method using external SD-card.


  1. Enter an external SD-card (or plug in an USB-stick).
  2. Download the software via the "Download" button on this page.
  3. Unpack the zip file. You will get a .txt file with the Open Source License text and an encrypted zip file which is your firmware image.
  4. In the web-interface go to: System - Firmware Update page and select the above extracted zip file.
  5. Start the upgrade.

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