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Release date:




What's new:

Gigaset PBX Manager supported by PRO handsets (SL610H PRO, S510H PRO). Feature control via handset menu:

  • Identity management / Hot Desking
  • Calls lists
    • missed
    • incoming
    • outgoing
  • DND
  • Selection of CLIP number to be shown
  • Group call settings
  • Call divert
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Selective phone-book search for all available directories (also LDAP)


  • Teles Interoperability: various improvements
  • New Firmware/Profile Update: Do not alert user by MWI notification light any more for N510 IP PRO, N300 (A) IP


  • tiPicall SoftSwitch interoperability: MWI for Voice Mail working again
  • SMS: Problem with concatenation solved
  • Broadsoft: Problem fixed with download of .xml file from server when digest username/password authentication is used

Known Issues:

  • ....

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