Release date:




What's new:

  • Access code special treatment in call-list for Nordic customer.


  • DTMF control already at 180 ringing state and not only after 200 ok.
  • Gigaset R630 support.
  • Auto-provisioning update timer no reboot needed to activate.
  • TR-069 - Zero Touch Activation
  • Assign NTP server via DHCP
  • Possibility to accept non trusted certificates automatically


  • Instability of Base-station in some environments.
  • Language problem (Czech language)
  • Radio-buttons for Date & Time are on wrong position
  • SIP call cannot be answered when is made 2s after the last one
  • New Parameters do not take effect after provisioning using plain XML content
  • Changing the timer interval from 24h-random to a fix time stops the regular check
  • Text on Info Services settings page is missing

Known Issues:

  • ....

Download URL:


How to update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  2. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
  3. Click on the button: Update firmware

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