Release date:

  • December 2015

Improvements & BugFixes


  • New handset SL750H PRO has full compatibility
  • TLS: Optimization of the "Private Key Generation" procedure

  • Optimized security by disabling IP dialling

  • Include MAC address in UA-header
  • XML phonebook - White/Yellow pages search field: 'City' now optional

  • VOIP INVITE with send only not accepted by TELEKOM server

  • Only 'All DECT' handsets option is available in  'Call Forwarding' list after registration to base station

  • Exception occurred when handset was deregistered or when send connections were changed

  • It is not possible to set own area code number in case option 'Other Country' has been selected
  • SIP/RTP  port range configured in Web Configurator is not used in case of "Use random port  mode = on"
  • Bug in VoIP Wizard
  • R630H PRO and SL610H PRO Call list is closed after few seconds
  • Starface PBX manager is not working
  • Unwished deleting of message waiting indicator with call lists
  • Copy phone number from call list to directory is not always possible –   phone comes back to Idle
  • Wrong caller ID after call transfer
  • TR-069: Change format of software version
  • TR-069: Change ProductClass/Modelname
  • Handset name provisioning with special characters leads to incorrect result in WebUI.

  • Special characters are not provisioned correctly.

  • BS sends Busy signal to server, when 1 call is running on INT2 and another comes in for another SIP profile on INT1, when Call waiting is deactivated.

  • If INT2 is in an external call, then no external connection to INT1 is possible. INT1 is busy.

  • SIP Session Timers according the RFC 4028: Session-refresh is now preferred via UPDATE, if supported by both peers

Known Issues:

  • ...

How to update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Download the software and store this on your own accessible http server.
  2. In the web-interface of the N510: Go to: Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  3. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
  4. Click on the button: Update firmware


Automatic (Online)

Change the Data server to:

Then if you press the Update firmware button the device should automatic find the Firmware.




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