Release status:

  • Released

New features:

Bug-fixes and improvements:


  • Turkish language/character set also in menus/directory contents

  • Turkish translations updated

  • Hungary: Call progress tone scheme added

SIP Update/call transfer


  • Remove expired/not needed certificates

  • Offer current cipher suites for successful TLS handshake

  • HTTPS phone-book: certificate not loaded automatically - fixed by added TLS Support switch and web configurator setting

  • Device no longer goes to a loop when checking details of the first certificate


  • SUOTA: Handset sends invalid SW version within SW version indication message fixed
  • Web Configurator status page enhanced
    • Uptime since last power interruption
    • Details of registered handsets: product type, part-number, firmware version, connection status with check status button
  • MTU negotiation (PMTUD) improved
  • Blocking Register when router misses WAN link
  • Send key does not work properly in "Next Call Anonymous"
  • Blocked number is no longer visible in redial list

  • LDAP "Service not available" - fixed

Known issues:

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