Release status:

  • Released 7. Aug 2017

Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • DHCP option 114 improvement
  • Changing ptime from 20 ms to 30ms is now possible via provisioning
  • DNS SRV is now working when platform returns an Error 500
  • Random Call-ID for "message-waiting" subscribe after restart
  • Correction for MWI subscribe 2nd handset is only sent one time
  • Provisioning, DHCP option improvements
  • Local storage of Spanish language

LDAP/Online Directories:

  • LDAP German characters are now shown correctly
  • LDAP mobile device specific authentication problem fixed
  • Reboot after LDAP request problem fixed
  • Wrong display of Turkish characters in online directories fixed


  • Support Provisioning Digest
  • Cyrillic characters in XML phonebook are now shown correctly


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