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Version value field is optional.


The VERSION value is used to identify if a configuration file is changed, when the value is the same, the configuration file will not be used. Sometimes it is required that the config file should always be used, you can achieve this by removing the VERSION line when using plain XML provisioning.

Example configuration, config file is only used when VERSION value is newer:

<VERSION value="0607131242"/>
<PROFILE_NAME class="string" value="IPDEC"/>

Same example not using the VERSION value, config file is always used.

<PROFILE_NAME class="string" value="IPDEC"/>

Available in Software version 188 and higher.

Version value syntax: DDMMYYHHMM example: 2811120928


Feature is not available for binary provisioning within chagall_profile_gen (gigaset_profile_gen) tool.


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