On this page we would like to explain you what you can do in case you find issues with our Gigaset N720.

  1. Make sure that your N720 has the last actual software. On this page you can find an overview about the released software versions.
  2. Check if the Base Stations are mounted correct, like not installed direct against metal walls.
  3. Check the coverage and if the base stations can "see" each other, for this we have the (new) visualisation feature. (Red lines are not allowed)
  4. Check the Base station events, copy the information and store it on your laptop.
  5. Do the handsets have the latest firmware, connect them to a PC and update them with quicksync.
  6. Can you reproduce the error? -> Reproducibility ratio “Always” (9/10,10/10) “Often” (>2/10 <9/10) “Sometimes” (1/10,2/10) 
  7. If there error is related to the network / VoIP protocol, wireshark traces are needed.
    It is not possible to make wireshark traces in the N720, for this you need to use your own laptop and a switch with monitor port.
  8. Create a sysdump via the web-interface, please inform Gigaset about the MAC address of the device.
  9. Create syslog messages.
  10. Read on the handset the code for the last 4 reboots.
  11. Collect all the info and fill in the FAQ Support Form.

Please add the above information to the Ticket. The more information we have, the quicker we can help you.  

factory reset

Sometimes a factory reset of the device solves the problem, with a factory reset all default settings are set and you need to configure the device like it came from the factory.




  • On all of the Handsets you can see the blinking message "No Base"
  • In the wireshark trace you can see:
    Start wireshark 
    Enter the filter sip to only see the SIP messages
    Search for the SIP message: SUBSCRIBE sip:MAC%3a<MAC N510>@localhost
    When the device does a reboot, during boot, it will send 5 times this SIP message. 


In some cases, the issue is caused by the network of the customer and could be difficult to trace.

Possible solution:

  • Change the N720 from DHCP to static IP address.



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