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What's new:

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  • LDAP improvements:
    • Edit max. number of search results in web interface 
    • Problem fixed, that in some LDAP configurations only restricted number of entries is shown in the search result list
    • LDAP search with special characters (ä,ü,ö) is now possible (via Options menu)
    • Switch name replacement on/off by web interface ('Mobile device' settings page)
    • Use display format settings for name replacement, header and list of search results
    • In search result list, if user presses the 'Option' display key and then 'View', the user defined parameters will be applied.
  • Stability improvements
  • Acccept certificates automatically
  • System log output improved (Web Interface: Management/System log) 
    • Changed message list implementation: reduced memory fragmentation & fast algorithms for list management (e.g. no loops) – Now syslog client can handle big lists efficiently.

    • Added message serial number to indicate how many messages are lost.

    • Changed principle how messages are added to full list: first message that is less important than the new one, is removed. If all messages in the list are more important than the new one, then the new one is rejected.

    • Enhanced list size

    • Special handling of syslog messages indicating LAN performance problems.

  • Base station events: Improved wording for event categories on web interface:
    Network and connectors/Base station events


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Known Issues:

  • LDAP settings in Web Interface: 2 settings are not translated and still in English:

    - additional attribute – possible to dial

    - Max number of search results
  • Handset R630H PRO: Missed call list may not be shown.
  • Checksync via SIP NOTIFY message is not working (used for User login/logoff behind Gigaset or Starface PBX systems)


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