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Ticket Tool





Gigaset pro Ticket Tool

How to get help with problems...

The Gigaset pro Partner Programme ensures that all parties in the supply chain receive access to Technical Support via an escalation process using the Gigaset Ticket Tool.  By all parties using a common ticketing platform ensures a speedy resolve to problems.

Supporting the End User

Gigaset pro Authorised Partners/Resellers provide first line support to End User Customers who require assistance with the configuration or operation of pro products.  Each Gigaset pro Partner has a support helpdesk and expert staff who are trained on the Gigaset pro products. End Users can contact this department with operational and configuration questions including faulty equipment and warranty issues.
> Summary: End User Customer - please contact the Authorised Partner from whom you purchased your Gigaset pro product as they will be pleased to provide you with support in the first instance.

Supporting Gigaset pro Authorised | Silver | Gold Partners
Gigaset pro Authorised Partners in turn receive support from Gigaset pro Distributors.  In the event that the Partner is unable to resolve a problem it can raise a Support Ticket on the Distributor.  Additionally Distributors can arrange Training on the Gigaset pro product sets which the Partner specialises in and which it supplies to its end User Customers.
> Summary: Authorised Partner – please raise a Support Ticket by logging into the UK Partner Portal & following the Service link.

Supporting Gigaset pro Distributors
In the event that a Gigaset pro Distributor is unable to resolve a problem it can forward the ticket or raise new Support Tickets directly on the Manufacturer.
> Summary: Distribution Partner – please raise a Support Ticket by logging in here.

Gigaset pro Support Escalation Overview:


Please click here for a Ticket Tool User Manual which includes logins and instructions on how to raise a ticket.

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Gigaset pro Training

How to gain knowledge...

Gigaset pro Authorised Partners/Resellers must have achieved a required level of training on each of the Product Sets which it supplies.  This falls into three modules:

> Gigaset pro IP Desktop Telephones.  Products: DE310 | DE410 | DE700 | DE900 and Maxwell Android.  Includes Assessment with Certification - 1 Day

> Gigaset pro IP DECT Systems including DECT Surveying.  Products: N510 | N720 | DX800A.  Includes Assessment with Certification - 1 Day

> Gigaset pro PBX Systems. Products: Hybird120 GE including AutoProvisioning of  IP phones.  Includes Assessment with Certification – 1 Day

Please contact your Gigaset pro Distributor for further details including forthcoming training locations and dates.

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Gigaset pro Warranty/RMA

When things go wrong...

All Gigaset pro products are supplied with a two year Manufacturers Warranty.

The Gigaset pro Distributor will assist the Authorised Partner/Reseller with any problems experienced with Gigaset pro products including DOA items.  In the event the Distributor is unable to resolve any product technical or operational issue, before it authorises a credit or replacement to the Reseller, it must report the problem to Gigaset pro via the Ticket Tool.  Afterall it could simply be that the product has been configured incorrectly or that there is a known bug for which there is a firmware fix available, for example.  Only in the event that Gigaset pro has itself concluded that the item is defective should the Distributor proceed with crediting or replacing the item for the Reseller and raising an RMA on Gigaset.

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Gigaset pro Distributors

Distributors UK & Ireland

Gigaset pro products are distributed by the following specialist Distribution Partners:




Conversation Piece
14 St.Nicholas Square
Cork City

Contact: John McGrath

Tel: +353 21 4225900

eMail: sales@conversationpiece.ie




4-6 Commonwealth Close
Leigh Business Park
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1942 262526

eMail: sales@corpteluk.com



Agecroft Road
M27 8SB
United Kingdom

Contact: Paul Burn

Tel: +44 (0)161 925 1980

eMail: dealersales@nimans.net



Nuvola Distribution
Unit B7 Westacott Business Park
Maidenhead Office Park
United Kingdom

Contact: Justine Lloyd

Tel: +44 (0) 845 524 0520

eMail: sales@nuvoladistribution.com




ProVu Communications
Savile Mill
Savile Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1484 840048

eMail: contact@provu.co.uk



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