Release date:

June 2015



What's new:

  • Removed feature codes *98* and *99* to record voicemail greetings. Use Asterisk built-in methods for recording greetings

  • Fax to Email

  • Disable/enable PBX system messages on phone display via new Permission group "Receive push messages"
  • User import via file.
  • Conference room is now accessible via the number 88 instead of 88 + room number.


  • Added scripts for Gigaset CTI client.

  • Provisioning parameter maximum length increased from 20 to 256 characters.
  • Default Music on Hold can be changed by the administrator.
  • FXO line pause before dialing for Spain increased to 3000 msec.
  • Provisioning: N510/N720 do not add quotes when using hex values.
  • Default value when adding permission group is now "User".
  • Reboot warning highlighted.


  • Avatar was not always displayed correctly

  • Separator have not been parsed correctly

  • Call list is now show as default in mobileview

Known Issues:

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