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In case of  trouble shooting and bug hunting a Syslog server might be a very valuable tool

Install Syslog Server on a local Windows computer

If there is no syslog server available in your network, it is easy to setup a simple server on a Microsoft Windows computer in your network.

  • Download Sylog Receiver from Secure.IP GmbH or use other syslog server.
  • unzip into the desired directory
  • execute "MegaLog Syslog Test Receiver V2.exe"

Syslog server setup :

  • bind the public IP address of the windows machine to the server

  • select the folder and enter the name of the logfile

  • start server

everything is already done! (smile)

Maxwell syslog client setup

  • login to the Maxwell web interface and navigate to the System / System-Log webpage
  • enter the IP address of your syslog server
  • activate syslog
  • select the events you want to be syslogd  (in case you don't know which one to select, select all)

  • press save button. Ready!



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