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VoIP Unlimited

Outgoing CallsYes
Incoming CallsYes
CLIP incomingYes
CLIP outgoingYes
Call ForwardingYes1
Call TransferYes
Call WaitingYes
Anonymous Call


A-number forwarding-

1 - Call forwarding through system only, redirects via 302 are not supported by VoIP Unlimited

2 - Anonymous call is not supported, alternatively precede the number dialled with 141 and VoIP unlimited will withhold for you.



VoIP Unlimited provides services to small and medium businesses in partnership with ICT solution providers, system integrators, traditional telephony dealers, and others who supply VoIP services as part of their offering to customers. Our services include SIP trunks, broadband circuits, wideband Ethernet, and MPLS networks. We also provide CPS, WLR, and T38 compatible FoIP (Fax over IP).


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Gigaset Hybird settings.

When configuring a SIP trunk into the Hybird you must complete the following settings:

  1. Assistants/PBX/Trunks

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1 - Create a New trunk

2 - Connection Type = SIP Provider (DDI)


3 -  Sip Provider Settings

Name = Info only

Authentication ID = SIP-ID given to you from VoIP Unlimited

Password = Password given to you from VoIP Unlimited

Registrar =




4 - Trunk Numbers

Insert the range mius the last x digits.

For example if your rage is 555500 to 555599,

Extensions = 10 to 20

Make the base number as 5555

555510 to 555520 will route direct to extensions, all other numbers would need to be added to P-P DDI Exception (see below)


5 - Class of Service - Select a COS


Advanced Settings

6 - Registrar Port

7 - Transport Prpotocol

8 - STUN server

If required :

Port = 10000

9 - P-P DDI Exceptions

Add the any DDI's not going to extensions with the same number.

Just the last digits from the range, in the example above any DDI  00 to 99.