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Release date:

April 2016





If you come from a software version below 1.0.9, the Media-gateway will be updated with new firmware (Improved fax support). This means when the update is started, the Media-gateway will reboot 3 times after the update is ready. The update of the Media Gateway takes ca. 15 minutes.

! ! ! A system reboot is necessary when the IP-phones can't register to the PBX system ! ! !

New Gigaset DE900/700/410/310 02.01.00 software is delivered with this software. To avoid upgrade errors during the reboot of the Media-gateway, the automatic device firmware update will be disabled.

You have to enable this after system is up and running via the menu  System Settings - Provisioning


What's new:

  • Support for Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3 (initial support: provisioning, hot-desking, key-programming)

  • SW update V098 for N720

  • glibc security update


  • Contacts: Delete all global contacts option now available
  • Contacts: Email field is added to contact information
  • Fax: Outgoing TSI prefix can be deleted now
  • Group pickup: User can configure only one group-pickup key
  • Permissions: GUI items can only be activated if parent is also activated
  • Provisioning page: IP address of devices are shown as HTTP-link
  • Queue: Wrong options for wrapup time are removed. Agents can receive calls after wrapup time again
  • Routes: Hints for wrong pattern is added
  • SIP-gateway: Configuration parameter "authuser" can be entered in advanced parameter
  • SIP-gateway: Fallback with channels limit from SIP to ISDN is working now (ISDN to SIP was working also before)
  • Users: Admin can sort separately for first or last name
  • Users: Admin can see an  overview of incoming/outgoing numbers for users
  • Users: Admin can see user permissions in the user details
  • Users: CLIP is selectable from the home screen
  • Voicemail: After own message follows "Please leave your message" is removed


  • The AstButtonDaemon and the call-list purge are working in parallel
  • ISDN: External Incoming call to an analog extension - External party is getting now a ringing tone
  • Group pickup: Group-pickup key can be configured without need for rebooting the system

Known Issues:

  • Hunt Group: Call forward on no answer is not working (planned for 1.1.2)
  • Contacts: Email field for private contacts is mandatory (will be optional in a later release!)
  • Maxwell 3/basic interop: missed calls not shown, BLF keys loose registration, automatic firmware update not possible



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Upgrade image (via web-interface)

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