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titleSoftware 2.48 June 2022
  • Show in syslog when license is applied for wrong master DM
  • Device doesn't send REGISTER after provisioning when TCP is used
  • Unexpected change of license status from "License activated" to "Failover period active" after changing SIP provider settings and reboot.
titleSoftware 2.47 June 2022
  • Add new MQTT connection Method
  • Introduce sip.instance and reg-id according to rfc5626
  • Broadsoft XSI phonebooks, lookup in multiple XSI phonebooks:
  • Update PJSIP library to version 2.11.1
  • Messaging:
    • Improve performance of deleting messages in msg-service via delMsg procedure
    • Blue color AML texts and icons support
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • Warn about SIP messages too long for UDP transport
  • Show longer internal names on R700H / S700H / SL800H handsets
  • Create web page for automatic backup
  • Fallback from failover honoring a penalty time
  • AML inventory/status report: base stations and DECT managers - connectivity and synchronization
  • Show in the UI and Logs reason for not registering SIP
  • N870 loses the SIP registration until the next restart
  • Some mobile devices are no longer registered after a network down
  • Registration after receive 503 with Retry-After
  • N870 with V2.44 - VI licenses no longer work
  • Minor memory leak when performing LDAP tests
  • Failed registration retry timer not respected due to SIP registration monitoring
  • MWI after "Call completed elsewhere"
  • Phonebook Italian translation for "Refine"
  • DTMF not work if 103 telephone-event/48000 is send in "INVITE"
  • N670 restart sporadically.
  • Trying and Ringing send with codec mismatch
  • License:
    • Missing MAC address of Master DM in MAC-ID and not possible to upload license file for Master DM
    • Invalid license status: Activation Period -1 d for some variants
  • Messaging:
    • Second paragraph in message is not displayed in detailed view
    • Title not displaying in detailed view
  • LDAP
    • Incorrect search request and sporadic giga-ip-bs crash during specific LDAP search
    • Heal TLS LDAP session pending too long