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VoIP Unlimited SIP Trunking to Gigaset pro PBX

Feature                             T300 / T500 PBX
Outgoing Calls
Incoming Calls
CLIP incoming
CLIP outgoing
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Anonymous Call
A-number forwarding×



VoIP Unlimited provides services to small and medium businesses in partnership with ICT solution providers, system integrators, traditional telephony dealers, and others who supply VoIP services as part of their offering to customers. Our services include SIP trunks, broadband circuits, wideband Ethernet, and MPLS networks. We also provide CPS, WLR, and T38 compatible FoIP (Fax over IP).



Gigaset T300/T500 settings.


In the Gigaset PBX go to Configuration > Lines and edit as shown:

Provider settings:

Give the Line an unique name, insert the Registration user name and Password.


In the Provider pull-down list, select "new.."


Number Area settings:

Just add the telephone numbers for this SIP trunk. The Country Code and Area Code can be filled in, if different than the default setting.



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