The Functions key can be assigned a function of your choice:

  • QuickDial
  • Send key
  • Alarm key (Handset software version 10.04 or higher is needed)
  • LED torch (R700H)


The phone number assigned to the key is dialed.

Send Key

A phone number previously entered from the keypad (or selected in a call list or the directory) is dialed.

Alarm key

Via short and or long press an configured alarm number is dialed. With an optional delay signaled via an ringtone.

LED torch (R700H)

In this mode the Function key gets the functionality of Torch switch that turns on and off the LED


The function key can be configured via:

  • Press the function key (When not configured)
  • Handset Menu - Settings - Display & Keypad - Feature key

Fieldpossible valuesSend keyQuick DialAlarmTorch (R700H)Comment
Activation:<on / off>
Function:<function selector>
Keypad locked:<key (in-/)active>

Audio channel: (Via)<Earpiece / Handsfree>

only if "call" in use
LED signal: (blinking)<on / off>

R700H only
Call to:(number)

Alarm Key Short key press:


Alarm Dest. Short key press: (Call to)


hidden if Alarm key SP = off

Prealarm Time: (Alarm delay)

<Off, 5, 10, 15, 30> s.

hidden if Alarm key SP = off
Melody:<melody selector>

 hidden if time = 0
Volume:<volume editor>

 hidden if time = 0

Alarm Key Long key press:


Alarm Dest. Long key press: (Call to)


hidden if Alarm key LP = off

Prealarm Time: (Alarm delay)

<Off, 5, 10, 15, 30> s.

hidden if Alarm key LP = off
Melody:<melody selector>

 hidden if time = 0
Volume:<volume editor>

 hidden if time = 0
Feature key PIN:(PIN Editor)
PIN protection

The Feature key configuration can be protected with a PIN code. The PIN is separate from the handset PIN. Entrance to the PIN setting is inside Function key configuration. PIN setting is visible as last field (Display_1)

Rules for PIN protection:

  • Default PIN is: No PIN - field is empty,
  • If there is no PIN, it is possible to visit configuration of the feature key without validating the access,
  • An empty PIN field is valid and allowed setting at saving,
  • Entered digits are visible,
  • PIN length: minimum is 4 digits, maximum is 8 digits,



Send key

In this mode the Feature Key behaves like the talk/handsfree key. 

There are no additional settings for this mode (Display_1).



This mode allows users to assign a number to the function key

  • In Idle starts call (speech path defined in configuration, see Display_3 and Display_4)

Users can enter number via keypad or copy from directory - Display_1, Display_2.

Saving with empty number editor is possible only if feature is deactivated. Otherwise, negative popup is shown.

User can select Speech path that the call will start in, between Earpiece and Handsfree. If a headset is connected and Speech path is set to earpiece, the call will be started on the headset.


Alarm key

In this mode Feature Key is working as an alarm trigger (Display_2, Display_3).

There are two independent alert configurations. Each configuration has its own settings.

  • Short press of feature key (SFK)
  • Long press of feature key (LFK)


  1. When feature key and alarm mode are set, at least one alarm type has to be activated








Alarm mode call

Pressing of Feature Key will result in, depending on settings:

  1. An active connection to base station is disconnected
  2. An incoming call in progress, is answered and disconnected (to release line)
  3. HS might start playing alarm melody/sound via loudspeaker for configured time slot.
  4. Blinking Spot LED <<<depends on hardware>>>: Spot LED can be activated to blink in SOS sequence (with Morse alphabet, 3x long, 3x short, 3x long)

Alarm mode call is set up to a number defined in settings. Base station has information that it is a special call to avoid forcing user to select line (relevant for multi-line systems)

As a consequence of call being regular call, it is possible to interrupt it by the same events that interrupts regular call (including Feature key).

Handset blinks with spot LED, if configured by user <<<depends on hardware>>>


1. If the Alarm mode is set but the number is empty or activation for key press(SP/LP) is not configured (Possible from factory settings), then pressing feature key will open the configuration menu

2. If handset is not synchronized to base station, Display_6 is shown instead of call setup.

3. If pre alerting is in progress, it is possible to change alert (if started with LFK, can be changed to SFK and if started with SFK, can be changed to LFK) simply by pressing appropriate key. Using SFK or LFK when the corresponding procedure is ongoing. will not result in restarting pre alert.

Pre Alert notification

Pre alert notification is a special state before alert-call is performed. It is ignored if alarm delay is set to 0 sec.

In this state:

  • Handset plays melody with configured volume for the time selected by user,
  • Handset blinks with spot LED, if configured by user <<<depends on hardware>>>,
  • Handset shows Display_1,
  • Handset counts down to 0, afterwards call is started.
  • Name replacement is not supported in this state


Procedure can be canceled by softkey "Cancel", or change alert type (LFK / SFK), no other events should stop pre alerting.

Procedure can be skipped by softkey "Call now" / SEND key / center key, in this case counting is cancelled and call is started immediately.

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