If this function is enabled, the phone does not ring when a call comes in. The caller hears a message that the person they are calling is not available.

This feature can be enabled/disabled.

You can still make calls when this function is activated.

User settings

Do not disturb can be enabled/disabled in the User web-interface.








Administrator settings

To ability for the user to enable/disable Do Not Disturb can be changed by the administrator: Administration - Users & extensions - Permissions.


Feature codes

Do Not Disturb (DND) - new in Release 1.0.6
*93 Activate DND
* 93 * Deactivate DND


Function key on device.


DE... devices

Press the Do Not Disturb key.

Press the same key again to deactivate the function.

The key is lit up while the function is activated.

Maxwell 10, click here.

Cordless handsets do no have an DND button.

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