Release Date:

June 2013



Upgrade procedure

  1. For the version after V02.00.00, please use 020006.img for upgrade. It will keep the configuration data.
  2. For the version between V01.01.10 (included) and V01.01.14 (included), please use full_020006.img for upgrade. It will reset all the configuration data.
  3. For the version before V01.01.10, please use full_010110.img for upgrade. It will reset all the configuration data. And then use full_020006.img for upgrade.

What's new


  • Teles interop. Port 5082 is used and programmed but changes back automatically to 5060
  • After 40 seconds of connection device is sending CANCEL request (it is now 180s)
  • Provisioning: plain-xml or binary format should be detected automatically by the content of the file
  • As User I want to have '#' entered in dial prep editor by pressing # key
  • NetDirectory: search field "city" also has to be shown for the "additional provider"
  • As a customer I want to be able to provision URL for XML menu
  • English calendar for German
  • Autolookup not triggered when dialing starts with '*' and '#'


  • Incorrect host string when doing DNS inquiry   
  • Change default "External Call" melody                                                                                                               
  • Phone stops working if it doesn't receive DNSSRV response immediately
  • Provisioning does not work when IP address or domain name(instead of %DURL) is placed inside siu_317.bin
  • It is not possible to configure RSS News for categories different than Headlines (Provisioning)
  • Improper behavior in "record at the server" activity
  • Netdir parameter - invalid possible values
  • No audio when retrieving call from hold position due to second invite.
  • DTMF function key enhancement
  • It's not possible to upload proper certificates
  • Xml directory- Not allowed character for parameter "lang" at detail search request
  • Icon for URI should be different than icon for Mobile Number
  • Touch wheel not working in XML mini-browser
  • HEADER 'Screensavers' instead of HEADER 'Pic_Name'
  • CLIP is not updated when the Call Divert is made
  • Gigaset Pro Directory does not work
  • Reboot: Blind transfer behind amooma GS3 pbx system
  • Internet Radio: device stuck after incoming call while radio keeps playing
  • Webcam causes phone reboot
  • Picture clip shows wrong Picture
  • DE900 might crash for 10 to 20 minutes SRTP call
  • Absent of the OpenVPN info on the Status page
  • Both "false/true" and "0/1" in plain-XML and encrypted-XML profiles can be accepted.
  • After delete day appointments, alarm message still pop up
  • Delete entry doesn't workable in day appointment list
  • Free storage capacity is wrong.
  • Only press "<-" key to reconnect a Known BT Device
  • Wrong phone call status
  • A Qt message screen pop up on phone
  • Data server URL should have less than 256 chars.

Known Issues

  • Provider "EDSA De Gule Sider" and "Telefoongids"no longer needed
  • Phone answer the incoming call directly, when another call is on hold 
  • If user presses the corresponding flashing Line key, the incoming call should be answered
  • If only a number is defined, the default number is copied to the surname field


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