sipcall ISP

Outgoing CallsYes
Incoming CallsYes
CLIP incomingYes
CLIP outgoingYes
Call ForwardingYes
Call TransferYes
Call WaitingYes
Anonymous CallYes
A-number forwardingNo





Gigaset T300/T500 settings

In the Gigaset PBX go to "Configuration" - "Lines" - "Lines" and click on: New Line

Provider settings:

Give the Line an unique name, select the provider sipcall pro (CH) in the pull-down list, insert the Registration user name and Password.

Number Area settings:

Just add the telephone numbers for this SIP trunk. The Country Code and Area Code can be filled in, if different than the default setting.

Extended settings:

No changes are needed.


Setup instructions in German

Sipcall SIP-Trunk Setup.pdf


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