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Redirection server

When the VoIP phone contacts the Gigaset server, in order to get all the necessary configuration data, the redirection server supplies the URL of the provisioning server which is responsible for providing the VoIP phone with the provider data (SIP account).
To enable auto-provisioning (i.e. the end-user does not need to select the provider manually) the provisioner must add the redirection information for the VoIP phones to the redirection database.

Setting up redirection information using the web-interface

To add the redirection data to the redirection database, Gigaset provides a web user interface for provisioners.

You need a user account (user name and password) which has to be provided by Gigaset Communications.

Open the web user interface:

Login using the user name and password provided by Gigaset.

Select the option Redirect portal.



If the login is successful, the main menu is opened. The following functions are available:

  • Registration, control and deregistration of single devices
  • Display of devices list
  • Upload of prepared XML files


Registering VoIP phones


  • To register a Gigaset VoIP phone, enter the MAC-ID (XXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXX) of the device, the URL of the provisioning server and the Provider for the device configuration.

    URL and Provider can be entered manually or selected from a list of known provisioner URLs and providers.


  • Click on the Register button to save the entry.

    The corresponding parameters are checked and – if approved – saved in the Gigaset redirection database. The provisioner is informed accordingly.


When using Maxwell 10, connection to the server and loading the XML configuration data takes longer then with other Gigaset devices. The reason is that other Android processes also need to be started after boot.

Connection to Redirect server 50 seconds after boot.

Activate new xml configuration 2 minutes after boot.

DeviceTested with
N510Software 210
Maxwell 10Software 1.1.0
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