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Release Date:

November 2014





Because of improvements in the software like adaptive jitter buffer and other new features we strongly advise to factory reset the device after the upgrade.


What is new?


  • Improved DNS handling in case of bad DNS service.
  • Do not show name. date and time on the display when receiving SIP messages, only show the content.    
  • Usage of hyphen in BLF should be possible        
  • TELES: Handling of XCID parameter   
  • HTTP digest username and password via phone keypad.                                               


  • Name of SIP account is flickering

  • SRTP and TLS - no outgoing RTP packets

  • Robot voice with latest software versions

  • SRTP parameter is not set after provisioning (you have to save web ui page manually)

  • Turkish language for MMI and Web GUI

  • Name out of phonebook entry is not shown after SW-update to V02.00.10

  • Incoming call behind Gigaset T300/T500 not possible incoming invite is answered with "BAD request".

  • Dutch Translation.

  • CALL-ID should be changed because of SIP ALG routers.

  • XML code on BLF key via provisioning 64 characters.

  • Robot voice.

  • In case of Static IP address, speech path is distorted.

  • Provider TELES: Reboot occurs if own number dialled

  • Stability improvements.

  • [Provisioning] B_UNATTENDED_XFER does not work.

  • DExxx rejects INVITE

  • B_AUTOMATIC_DTMF_(N) does not work when downloading profile from country list.

  • Wrong default setting MWI 

  • INVITE problem with a terminating application.

  • No reaction to the 407 Proxy Authentication Required on sending REFER

  • Quoted Display Name must allow comma sign. 

  • Transferor reboots after performing "consultation transfer before answer". 

  • Not possible to make call from telephone book after upgrade.

  • LDAP - empty entry (no phone numbers) - device will reboot.

  • One way audio with ZTE IMS Core platform.

  • [Alarm] If we pick up the handset when alarm clock is ringing and then press “OFF” nothing will happen (alarm will be ringing).

  • If PAI available Diversion User Part is not displayed.

  • LDAP: wrong timezone is displayed when viewing LDAP entry

  • Provisioning: Certain Parameter not adopted in combination with Extended_Profile.

Known Issues

  • ....



Open Source Software


Your Gigaset unit includes, among other things, Open Source software that is subject to various licence conditions. With regard to Open Source software, the granting of usage rights that go beyond the operation of the device in the form supplied by Gigaset Communications GmbH is governed by the relevant license conditions of the Open Source software. The corresponding licence conditions are printed at the end of this document in their original version.

Licence and copyright information

Your Gigaset unit includes Open Source software which is subject to the GNU General Public licence (GPL) or the GNU Library / Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL). The corresponding licence conditions are printed at the end of this document in their original version. The corresponding source code can be downloaded from the internet at The corresponding source code can also be requested from Gigaset Communications GmbH, for a charge no more than the cost of performing this distribution, within three years of purchasing the product. Please use the contact details provided at

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