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1.0 Introduction

Doorintercom systems with video or Camera's that generate JPG pictures (IP security camera) can be used as screensaver on the Gigaset DE900/700 devices. In Idle mode after 15 seconds, the devices can show the jpg picture of the camera, it will be refreshed every xx seconds.

1.1 Configure WEB-Camera in DE device


First you need to configure the Webcamera in the DE900/700 devices.

Open the web-interface of the DE900/700, go to: Settings - Services - IP Info Services - Webcam

  1. Name of webcam: Enter the name of the Camera
  2. IP address of webcam (URL): The URL to the Camera picture: Example:

Press Add and then Save to store the settings.


On the same web-interface page, set the options:

  • Activate Info Services: Yes
  • Webcam: Select the web-camera you would like to show.










1.2 Set info service as screensaver.


Go to: Settings - Display

  • Screensaver: Select "Info Service"




Wireshark trace

Every 300 ms, the device will load the picture from the camera.

238 0.315276000 HTTP 193 GET /video.jpg HTTP/1.0 

GET /video.jpg HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: DE900 IP PRO/;7C2F80081897
Full request URI:
Connection: keep-alive


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