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Release date:



What's new:

  • Provisioning of Patton analog gateways of series SN4112/JS, SN4114/JS, SN4118/JS, SN4412/JS, SN4416/JS, SN4424/JS, SN4432/JS via phone scan
  • Provisioning of Grandstream analog adapters HT702 and HT704 via phone scan
  • Firmware version integration for Grandstream analog adapters HT702 and HT704
  • Firmware version R6.2_2012-09-11 integration for Patton analog gateways SN44xx and SN411x
  • Handsets on Gigaset N510 now also feature attended transfers by call hang-up


  • The group strategy "Call-Hunting" hands the call to the next user, if the group number doesn't ring on any of the current user’s phones
  • The backup configuration on Windows Shares now supports user names containing space characters
  • The backup configuration on Windows Shares now supports hidden shared folders
  • Conference scheduling accepts manual input of call numbers with three or more zeros
  • Conference scheduling now accepts input of arbitrary e-mail addresses
  • Improved voice quality and reliability of call recording and call-brokering with G722 audio on several phones
  • Further optimization of "Group with Waiting Queue", especially on extensive use of the agents GUI
  • JavaVM Security Release v1.6.0_34
  • Optimized SIP Invite From Header for CTI Calls to enable “Call-back” with Einstein / Merkur

Fax features:

  • Significant improvements of quality for outgoing faxes

  • Faxes in various page sizes within a file are now correctly rotated, scaled and sent

Firmware updates:


  • Optimized Net Directory Contents with active Line Prefix
  • JavaVM Security Release v1.6.0_43
  • Fixed iFMC CTI Issue
  • Email notifications for voice-mails are now sent even if the call was mediated via a module
  • Fixes an issue in the processing of BMP files for avatars on the function keys and Picture CLIP
  • Changes the function key "displayed number" are now properly taken into account in routing
  • Improved performance and reliability when accessing large LDAP address books
  • Phone search now works reliably in conjunction with Patton gateways
  • Changing the password for Windows Shares in the backup configuration works reliably again
  • The template file for user imports can now still get downloaded after several weeks of system up-time
  • Greater reliability and performance of call operating with faulty configurations of the LDAP address book
  • Now, when set on hold by a remote party (ISDN over Digium B410P cards), the remote – not the local – MOH is played
  • When two B channels of a BRI on a Digium B410P card are busy, a third caller now gets rejected with "No circuit or channel available" instead of "Incompatible destination"
  • ** is not forwarded calls
  • GMW: number of sockets is increasing over time
  • Function keys: Edit, then deleting / editing does not work after editing
  • T300_T500 sends SIP BYE without reason
  • Chrome / Safari: Admin window close to selection of user / group / ... generates 404
  • Unit tests to SMB share mounting fixed
  • HDD Manager expand tentatively to logging, where the space is consumed
  • RessourceKey adjust for HDDManager; DE and EN
  • The last phone in sip.conf is written incomplete
  • Configwriter hints.conf - BLANK keys are written to Config
  • IFMC Phone is not deleted from the DB when the user is deleted [NOCALL]
  • Integrate module archiving in software
  • Auto-provisioning not possible if "&" in the display name exists
  • Mounting network share is not possible, due to a strong password
  • Company field is not displayed in the web interface in the list (ldap)
  • update the HTML / JS frameworks (was: IE9: establish and maintain compatibility IE6 to IE8)
  • Hanging Channel in GMW
  • IFMC steals reputation adopted by SIP phone
  • Java watchdog with better logging and reviewing your own Connection Manager
  • Added logging
  • Support for WebKit from Safari 6.0 / Chromium 20
  • Qualify = no is ignored in manual provider profile if authmode IP address
  • MatchDateTimeInterval module function not cope with date format in Holland + Poland
  • More than one CallManager open
  • Unfolding of numbers in the address book with LDAP back-end provides display error
  • Valid Email is not recognized correctly in server
  • Selection of Voicemail greetings possible if several Voicemailboxen are assigned
  • User-random passwords are not saved
  • Mailboxid (?, And potentially other parameters) are not correctly written to sip.conf if the telephone is assigned to the user via WebUI
  • Timing gmw heap stack to complete
  • Unit tests fixed
  • Doorintercom: For more DTMF digits from the call manager always comes only "1"
  • Synchronization when sending in Asterisk Manager
  • IVR fully qualified external numbers + Translation
  • Group Cue switch to file system logging
  • Incorrect event sequence at GMW is causing problems
  • Menu bar in front-end is not drag-able in Safari
  • NetDirectory interface numbers now includes the optional dial prefix (“Amtsholung”) if configured on the PBX


Known Issues:

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