Release Notes

Release Date:





 Android 5.1. (Lollipop)


  • Bluetooth headset support
  • Improved headset architecture
  • Video performance improvements


Firmware update

Recommendations and explanations:

  • We recommend to insert a miroSD-card or an USB-stick with alt least 2GB to ensure, that there is enough memory available during the firmware update and that it’s not necessary to free memory by setting the device back to factory defaults
  • The update to Android 5.1 is taking much longer than a normal firmware update as it is an update procedure in two steps
  • It’s not possible to change from an Android 5.1 firmware release back to a JellyBean release! 

How to update:

In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to: 

Settings - System - Firmware update





First download the Firmware on your PC and unpack the zip file. You will get a .txt file with the Open Source License text and an encrypted zip file which is your firmware image.


In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to:


Settings - System - Firmware update


Click on "Choose File" and select the Firmware file.


Click on "Load" to start the upgrade.





Software versions
Build number80_1_2.1.0
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