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About Broadsoft

As the leading global provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services to operators worldwide, BroadSoft helps deliver applications Enterprise customers demand.


BroadSoft simplifies the way organizations communicate and collaborate. Our unique and flexible UC-One app is a complete solution that delivers all the Unified Communication and Collaboration features companies want to boost satisfaction and worker productivity, and reduce costs.


BroadSoft brings constant innovation to the communications marketplace through our products, solutions and strategic initiatives like Broadsoft Labs, BroadSoft Marketplace and Xtended Developers Program.


BroadSoft accelerates the success of Service Providers Unified Communications and Collaboration offers providing comprehensive go-to-market and sales enablement tools, proven marketing campaigns and best practices for customer fulfillment.

 See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset IP devices behind the Broadsoft platform.

Broadsoft Interoperability

Test results overview


N720 DECT multi cell system

Device-SoftwareSoftware 245 or higher is mandatorySoftware 111 or higher is mandatory
Official Broadsoft certification

All Information about Broadsoft Certification and Feature set can be found here:

Broadsoft step by step

Supported functionalityAll Call features as described on the Broadsoft step by step pages.


  • Enterprise
  • Group
  • Personal

Auto-provisioning (Secure)


The N510 and N720 are certified to work behind Broadcloud, as these devices are auto provisioned by Broadcloud a minimum software version of the DECT devices is required.

N510 Software 245 and N720 software 111.

This is because Broadcloud is using secure provisioning with Client Certificates, for this you need a minimum software version in the Gigaset devices. This needs to be enabled, see below for the installation procedure.

N510 installation procedure.

You need to follow these steps to enable the Auto-provisioning behind Broadcloud.

  1. Upgrade the device to software 245 or higher, as this software supports Client certificates.
  2. After the upgrade, install a patch to enable the Client certificates.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes after the reboot until the device created the client certificates.
  4. Enter the URL to the Broadcloud server and reboot the device to start provisioning.

Upgrade N510 to software 245.

  1. Follow the upgrade procedure on this wiki to update manually or automatic to software 245 see: N510 IP PRO Release notes 42.245

Enable Client certificates.

From software 245, we have implemented Client certificates, this must be enabled.

  1. Download this patch to your PC.
  2. N510 must have software 245 or higher.
  3. In the N510 web-interface go to: Settings - Management - Save and Restore and Restore the patch you have downloaded.
  4. The N510 will reboot and will only enable Client certificates and not change any other settings.
  5. After reboot, wait for 5 minutes until the client certificates are created. (This is needed only the first time after the feature is enabled)

URL to the Broadcloud server

  1. In the N510 web-interface go to: Settings - Management - Firmware Update and enter the Configuration file (URL example: https://<Server URL>/%MACD.xml)
  2. Now reboot your device to start provisioning.

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