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From software 2.18.3 we have added many additional Broadsoft features.

In the web-interface go to: Settings - Telephony - Phone System.


The Broadsoft Busy Lamp (BLF) can be configured:

  • Manually
  • Automatic
Broadsoft settings

The Busy Lamp Field settings are done on the Broadsoft platform, without the correct settings, it will not work on the Maxwell.

In Broadsoft, go to the User - Client Applications - Busy Lamp Field.

Here you need to create the BLF List URL and the devices you want to monitor.

The Maxwell will subscribe to this BLF list and when successful, the Broadsoft platform will inform the Maxwell about the devices and the status.

Configure BLF keys manual

When you would like to create the BLF keys manually via the web-interface of the Maxwell, you need to use the following setting.


The URL like described above, you do not need to add the Domain.

In this example:

blf_3614 is correct.

blf_3614@gigaset.l is wrong.

BLF Create automaticallyNo if you want to create the BLF keys manually

Setting: BLF create automatically is on "No"When the BLF URL is entered, nothing will happen.First you need to create the BLF key manually and then the Subscription will be send.



ConnectionThe account used
Target numberBroadsoft User-ID
Call Pickup CodeThe Broadsoft Call Pickup Code
Display NameThe name visible on the Maxwell display
Configure BLF keys automatic

When you enable the option that the BLF keys are created automatically:

  • The Maxwell will use an free Function key, not configured by the User and makes this automatic an BLF key.

  • It starts with the first free function keys available.

  • When a key is already used, it will skip this key and take the next key until all keys are configured or the Broadsoft BLF list is empty.

  • The Broadsoft BLF list is leading, also the order of the keys are defined in Broadsoft.

  • When the list is changed, a new BLF subscription will update this on your phone automatic, dependent on the timer settings in the device.


The URL like described above, you do not need to add the Domain.

In this example:

blf_3614 is correct.

blf_3614@gigaset.l is wrong.

BLF Create automaticallyYes, if you want to create the BLF keys automatically.
BLF call pickup code

The Call pickup code of the Broadsoft system.

When the BLF key is blinking, you can press the blinking BLF key to take over the incoming call from your college.

Auto provisioning

This functionality is mostly enabled via Broadsoft auto provisioning, see below for the provisioning parameters.

Telephony.PhoneSystem.Type5 = Broadsoft
Telephony.PhoneSystem.BLFURLBroadsoft BLF URL
Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.BLF.AutomaticFKFilling.Enabled0 = Manual Broadsoft BLF creation 1 = Automatic Broadsoft BLF creation
Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.BLF.CallPickupCodeBroadsoft Call Pick up Feature code via blinking BLF key


<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Type" value="5"/>
<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.BLFURL" value="%BWBLF-USER-1%"/>
<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.BLF.AutomaticFKFilling.Enabled" value="1"/>
<param name="Telephony.PhoneSystem.Broadsoft.BLF.CallPickupCode" value="*97"/> 

In this example you see that for the BLF URL an Broadsoft placeholder is used, this can be different behind every Broadsoft system.

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