The N670/N870 is capable of showing SIP messages on the DECT handsets.

The SIP message are automatic converted to an MQTT message using the following MQTT settings.

  • Title= "Info"
  • Priority = "3"
  • Time To Live = "3600"
  • alert-info = "msg-melody-medium"
  • Presentation timer = "30"

An handset that should be able to receive and show an SIP message needs an message license

Install a program like SIPSAK to send SIP messages.

sipsak -i -M -B "Test" -s sip:Name@PhoneIP


sipsak -i -M -B "Here will the message be displayed that is received via the SIP Notify" -s sip:1012@

Session Initiation Protocol (MESSAGE)
 - Request-Line: MESSAGE sip:1012@ SIP/2.0
 - Message Header
 - Message Body
 	- Line-based text data: text/plain (1 lines)
 		Here will the message be displayed that is received via the SIP Notify

The following provisioning parameters are available to influence the signaling behavior.


Title text see: FAQ Nx70 - Messaging "4 Title" 

Default: "Info"


MQTT priority see: FAQ Nx70 - Messaging "2 Prio"

Default: "3"


MQTT TTL timer see: 

Default: "3600"


MQTT ringtone see: FAQ Nx70 - Messaging "3 Ringtones"

Default: "msg_melody_mid"


MQTT presentation timer see: FAQ Nx70 - Messaging "12 Presentation time"

Default: "30"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">


<param name="SipProvider.0.AML_TitleText" value="Info"/>