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This page explains how to prepare an Multicell installation at different sites to be added later to an Virtual Integrator without the need to register all handsets new. If you do not follow this procedure, you still can add an Multicell installation to an Virtual Integrator but all handsets needs to be registered manually again.

Prepare the first site (Master)

The first site we will use as master for the other sites.

You need to read the DECT PARI of the first site and use this for the other sites.

The DECT PARI can be read from the Status page.

How to configure the other sites

Before you register any DECT handset on the other sites, you first need to configure the DECT PARI of these sites to be the same like the DECT PARI of the Master site.

The DECT PARI can not be configured via the web-interface, this has to be done via provisioning.

Important !!!

Do not register any DECT handsets until the N870 multisite system has the same PARI as the master. Else you need to register all handset manually again.

Auto-provisioning template

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">
PARI TEXT CHECK(length(PARI) <= 8), /* main DECT identity for the entire system */
<param name="DmGlobal.0.PARI" value="1031360D" />


On my second system the DECT PARI is:

On the second system you to the Provisioning page

"Browse" and select the xml file.

Click on Upload and Start auto configuration.

DECT PARI is now changed to the setting of the Master.

You can now register the DECT handsets.

How to Migrate an existing N870 multicell installation to an Virtual Integrator can be found here. FAQ - How to migrate an Multicell to an Virtual Integrator.