The firmware update of the following devices can be done via:

Device web-interface

Changing the Maxwell auto-provisioning template.

Maxwell firmware update via auto-provisioning

First you would need to change the provisioning template see this wiki article how to access the template.

Open the template and search for:

<provisioning version="1.1" productID="mx3b">

    <file version="2.25.6" url="%%PROVLINK%%/firmware/gigaset/GC_MAX_2.25.6-release.bin"/>
</firmware> -->

Change the template according to the wiki article. You can set the URL to your own server or upload the Gigaset software into the 3CX firmware directory.

  • Remove the <!-- and -->
  • Change the URL
  • Change the version to the software version you want to use
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="mx3b">

    <file version="2.25.6" url="<SERVER URL>/firmware/%DVID/GC_MAX_2.25.6-release.bin"/>
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