On this page we would like to explain you what you can do in case you find issues with our Gigaset Maxwell 10.


  1. Make sure that the maxwell 10 has the last actual firmware. On this page you can find an overview about the released software versions.
  2. Verify if the firmware upgrade process has been performed successful by comparing the build version and DVF version of the device with the version indicated in the release notes. 
  3. Check if the network connection is working properly and the device is set to the correct time and date.
  4. Can you reproduce the error? -> Reproducibility ratio “Always” (9/10,10/10) “Often” (>2/10 <9/10) “Sometimes” (1/10,2/10) 
  5. Does the device display an error message ? -> Make a screenshot of this message.
  6. If the error is only affecting a single app try to remove cache data and as a last resort all data of an app. 
  7. If the behaviour of the android system is erratic or slow clear the cache partition
  8. If the error is related to the network / VoIP protocol, wireshark traces and adb logs are needed.
  9. Creating a syslog.
  10. Create an adb log.
  11. Collect all the info and fill in the FAQ Support Form.

Please add the above information to the Ticket. The more information we have, the quicker we can help you.  

factory reset

Sometimes a factory reset of the device solves the problem, with a factory reset all default settings are set and you need to configure the device like it came from the factory.





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