Release date:

June 2014



What's new:


  • Support for INVITE request with a replaces header

  • Interop,URI parameter is missing
  • LDAP functionality has been improved (-> LDAP-Step-by-step-Guide):
    • possible to assign username and password for each HS
    • only single access to LDAP is supported
    • added new attribute streetAddress
    • it is possible to configure maximal number of search result in WebUI for LDAP
    • additional attribute has checkmark to indicate possibility to use it as number source and start call, available via WebUI
    • introduced new default “live search” and mode switch in WebUI
      • Mode 1:(default): new character based "live search" with instant update of search results
      • Mode 2: traditional search request entry: name, city like in public directory search  
  • Missed Calls Counter can now be switched on/off in WebUI per account


  • Corrected vCard Transfer via WebUI with special characters
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Timer change to 300s retry: phone fails in SIP Registration unable to be authenticated.
  • No (dial)tone in certain call stages.
  • When using TCP as transport protocol, the BS does not send BYE to the sip server.

Known Issues:

  • ...

Download URL:

User specific URL:

How to update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Download the software and store this on your own accessible http server.
  2. In the web-interface of the N510: Go to: Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  3. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
  4. Click on the button: Update firmware


Automatic (Online)

Change the Data server to:

Then if you press the Update firmware button the device should automatic find the Firmware.


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