This page describes how the Gigaset Maxwell devices are provisioned behind the Yeastar P-series. 

For this wiki article, we used:

  • Yeastar P550
  • Maxwell Basic / 2 / 3 / 4
First steps to connect a Maxwell device
  1. Start with an factory default Maxwell.
  2. During boot the Maxwell will send a SIP multicast and the device will be visible in the Yeastar web-interface.

3. Via the Edit button  configure your device

IP Phone

Automatic selected by Yeastar based on the user-agent. 


Yeastar offers a default provisioning template for a device. Custom templates can be created and if available, it will be visible here.

Assign Extension

Assign the Maxwell to an Extension.

4. Save the configuration

5. The Yeastar should inform the Maxwell about a new configuration and provisioning is started.

Phone settings

Click on to change the phone settings.

Firmware update

In the Yeastar web-interface go to: Auto provisioning - Resource Repository - Device firmware and upload the new firmware like the example below.

Go back to Phones and select your device and click on 

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